Hair growth journey: March 2017

This month was… interesting. If the growth was rather good, at least normal, what surprised me most it was my experiments to lighten hair color. I thought when the henna was applied to bleached hair, there was nothing more to do. Because when I made the cure of coconut cream with the green clay, in the beginning, it decreased a lot but it has never completely disappeared, on the contrary, it even stopped lightening after a while. (watch again my video about this)

I still wanted to make an ultimate test that had rather convincing effects. I prepared a mask with honey, lemon, olive oil and chamomile tea (a treatment deemed effective to lighten hair naturally). I applied this on dried hair for 4 hours.

Here the result:



Though the brightness is rotten the day after the mask, you can see that there’s no difference. But I didn’t give up because I know that with the natural you have to be patient. Then the following week I re-experimented with this time a laying time of 6 hours.

And there… Ô Great God!

A difference! What did I say?! A big difference!

With such result, you think that I said to myself: it’s done, I finally found the perfect lightening mask and that I will continue on this way, not to mention the fact that with this care my hair is super soft and silky.

And no! Que nenni! (Old French expression but when I say “old” it is really a thing of the kind for my great grandmother it was completely obsolete to say something like this!)


Because of this!


It snows in spring! WTF?!

Me who had never had this problem in my life, now I sow these stuff everywhere … Hello glamor!

Having a better knowledge day by day about natural products, I quickly understood what had caused the mischief: the green clay! Eh yes…

Last month having done a lot of masks with this powder, and my scalp may have been used to it and when I stopped doing it, this latter began to scratch me. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to it and in the middle of the month, I noticed these dandruff. I then decided to return to the essentials these last two weeks: a washing base and a neutral base of hair mask applied on the “lengths”, nothing more.

Well, it didn’t work…

Why not put green clay again? you would say.

Because before that I had no need it, f**king hell!

So this month, I will test a new care and I will tell you what I thought about it. Also, I will make the lightening mask and I will test a spray whose idea of the recipe came to me one evening.

In the meantime here is the length of my hair at the end of March.

Have lovely day!


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