Review about the Goop detox and my fitness program.

Yesterday was the last day of my detox inspired by goop.
A small review is needed.
If I’m very picky when I do a mono-diet, this time I really did anything.

Let me explain.

I really had a week of crazy. Between the release of the new collection of clothes on my shop and all the appointments I had, I didn’t stop a single second. Therefore I couldn’t follow the menu of Gwyneth.P to the letter.

Besides, you risk making big eyes by seeing what “I managed” to eat and also at what time. But know that I’m used to this way of life, it’s my routine. Sometimes I can only make one meal in a day, but this is really not a problem for me. Moreover, you will find that sometimes I get up very late, it’s not because I do lazy in the morning, it’s just that I worked late at night! 😉

Without further ado, here is my “menu week” (if we can call it like that).

Day 1:
10 a.m: Lemon water
10.30 a.m: smoothie* rice milk + apple + protein powder**
3.15 p.m: 2 chewy carrots
10h30 p.m: vegetable soup -> leeks, cabbage, turnip, carrot + a glass of rice milk to drink

*I followed the goop recipe, I simply replaced the blueberry with apple and the almond milk with rice milk.

** For powders, I just used my usual 100% plant, soy and gluten free powder from the Plant Fusion brand. (Usually, it’s horrible to swallow but in the smoothie it’s okay, but I only have half a dose)

Jour #2:
8.90 a.m: Lemon water
9.50 a.m: smoothie rice milk + apple + protein powder
2.30 p.m: rice noodles
6 pm: carrot juice
10.15 pm: soup of leek/turnip *

*I followed this recipe by replacing broccoli and rocket with leek and turnips.

Jour #3:
11 a.m: Lemon water
12 p.m: smoothie rice milk + apple + protein powder
5.30 p.m: soup of leek/turnip *
11 p.m: gluten-free pasta

Jour #4:
10.50 a.m: Lemon water
12 p.m: Herbal tea for transit
3.10 p.m: green juice (sooooo delicious!) + Miso Soup with leeks*
9.15 p.m: Miso Soup with leeks

*Once again I changed to leeks.

Jour #5:
9.45 a.m: Lemon water
11 a.m: detox herbal tea
2.15 p.m: Vegetable broth (leeks, carrots, cabbage, celery)
7 p.m: A handful of almonds
11.10 p.m: Vegetable broth (leeks, carrots, cabbage, celery)

Jour #6:
11 a.m: Lemon water then a handful of almonds
3.45 p.m: A handful of almonds
9.30 p.m: pâtes sans gluten + courgettes + green juice

Jour #7:
9.45 a.m: Lemon water
1.20 p.m: smoothie rice milk + apple + protein powder
3 p.m: Miso Soup with leeks
6.15 p.m: A handful of almonds
10.10 p.m: Miso Soup with leeks

It’s pretty chaotic, isn’t it? Here the link to the menu that I should have followed.

This detox cure was a very good experience because having made 3 days of mono-diet just before and during this week I felt really in very great form and I was not really hungry more than that. My digestive system was not overworked thus when I was sleeping, I could benefit from a real restful sleep. This detox is really great and I intend to do it again after each mono-diet because I think it really helps to have lasting effects (to see during the next few days!).

If you take back the plan I planned and shared with you in this article, starting tomorrow I start my fitness program.

Here’s what I planned to do.

– Monday: Bodybuilding
– Tuesday: Rest
– Wednesday: Bodybuilding
– Thursday: Rest
– Friday: Bodybuilding
– Saturday: Cardio (running)
– Sunday: Rest

For the bodybuilding session, I will work the whole body so I will do:
– 1 exercise for the pectorals
– 1 exercise for the back
– 1 exercise for the biceps
– 1 exercise for triceps
– 1 exercise for the abdominals
– 1 exercise for the legs
– 1 exercise for the glutes

For each exercise, I will do 3 sets of 10 repetitions (3x10x the weight). When I’m writing this post, I don’t know yet what will be the load of my dumbbells to start, but what I’m sure is that at the end of this program (that will last 2 months) I have to be able to lift a weight of 5 kg minimum and this the fingers in the nose.

Monday: (You can click on the exercise to see it in picture)
Pectorals: knee push ups –> 3x10x minimum 5
Back: lower Back Extension –> 3×10
Biceps: curl “stick-elastic” –> 3×10
Triceps: unilateral kickback –> 3x10x 2 ou 3 kg
Abdominals: 3/4 sit-up –> 3×10
Legs: squat –> 3x10x body weight
Glutes: mountain climbers –> 3×10

Pectorals: dumbbell pull-over –> 3x10x 5 ou 6 kg
Back: arms outstretched with dumbbells –> 3x10x 2 ou 3 kg
Biceps: elbow flexion sitting with elastic –> 3×10
Triceps: exercise with resistance band –> 3×10
Abdominals: cross-body crunch –> 3×10
Legs: bridge on one leg –> 3×10
Glutes: glute bridge –> 3×10

Pectorals: dumbbell fly –> 3x10x 2 ou 3 kg
Back: superman –> if possible for 2 minutes
Biceps: haltères –> 3x10x 2 ou 3 kg
Triceps: dips chair –> 3x10x
Abdominals: reg lifts –> 3×10
Legs: reverse hypers –> 3×10
Glutes: on the belly –> 3×10

To follow my progress, I invite you to follow me on instagram or twitter.

Let’s go! Motivate yourself, girls!


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