On the program: mono-diet and fitness!

Hello !

I don’t know for you but me, I can’t wait that the sunny days are back! Ok, I don’t hide to you that in fact, I begin to despair… I hope that we’ll have not a spring and a summer as bad as those of the last year because in France it was really… shit.

So after this weather moment, I’ll speak about briefly diet and fitness.

Hop Hop Hop, stay here!
I know that some people are allergic to the sport but nevertheless stay with me, maybe I’m going succeed in motivating you too!

When I was in high school, so 10 years ago… I wasn’t very a sportswoman, a bit of tennis in addition to sports lessons, no more. And despite I swallowed chocolate bars two by two, I was thin and had a firm body.
Aaa the good old times…

Of course, after two pregnancies, it wasn’t the same story…
However, I grew only 13,23 lbs for each and I lost 90% at the births, but my body wasn’t longer as firm. Thus I started doing some fitness exercises, go running and dieting… And my body was correct. But these latter years, since 2015 exactly, I gave up because of problems that prevented me from doing my sports activities or that simply demotivated me.

But, this year it’s not possible that I let myself be defeated again in despite those problems are still present. It’s for this reason that I couldn’t wait March because since December (yeah…) I’ve established a crazy program!
Without further ado, here my plan:

  • from 8/3 to 11/3: preparation for the mono-diet
  • from 12/3 to 14/3: mono-diet of carrot

  • 15/3: day with only vegetables (not cereals or other)
  • from 16/3 to 22/3: a Goop’s detoxification cure (this one)
  • 23/3: nothing special
  • from 24/3 to 24/3: fitness program for beginner

At the moment that this post is published, I’m in the 1st step, that is to say, in preparation for the mono-diet. For those who don’t know what mono-diet is and what its purpose is, I’m preparing an explanatory video that I’ll publish very quickly.

About Goop’s detoxification cure I’ll talk about it in more detail in another post, the same thing for my fitness program, everything in its time. I want to share with you, my experience and my feelings at the same time.

I wish you a lovely day and see you soon.



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