Hair growth journey of February 2017

Hello, girls!

Each end or beginning of the month (it will depend on of my organization), I will publish a  post “hair growth journal”. Like this, I will be able to show you where I’m with the length of my hair, what are care I made and the effects that the latter will have had on them.

So let’s get started with February. As I said in this video, during the first two weeks of this month, I made an intensive cure of green clay mask with coconut cream to decrease my henna became too…glowing. In addition to this treatment, between each mask, I also made with coconut cream applied alone because this one allows the hair to grow faster. One again, I invite you to watch my video to learn more.

Then I made a blonde henna in hope of lightening the tint of my hair. It worked slightly but not as I wanted.

blonde henna recipe

So two days later, I made a second with some different ingredients and I got practically the same result but this time with some golden blonde reflections.

Before the henna masks.


After the two masks.

I think if I persist in this way, I could achieve my goal with a dozen of masks of blonde henna but… I have no more! And I haven’t really the desire to buy it again because I’ve some ideas of lightening recipes without henna that I want to test. Furthermore, after more than 6 months of henna masks on my hair, I want “to make them discover” new care.

Having had a surprising result following the cure of green clay/coconut cream, my hair rested a little during the second part of February and they grew only 2,5″ more. This month it grew a total of 8,5″.

In addition to the above-mentioned treatments, I mixed aloe vera gel with coconut oil that I applied on ends of my hair to protect them from drying due to the masks with the clay and also to protect them from the winter cold.

blonde henna, hair growth journey,
My hair length now. Yes, my nails are yellow because of the blonde henna! Yes I know, I should have used gloves… lol But in 2 or 3 days it will have disappeared.


For the next month, I don’t have any special care plans. Maybe a cut to stimulate it, but nothing is sure because it is still short, so I’ll have to go to the hairdresser… And although I found one who uses organic products, I’m not yet very motivated to leave my mane in the hands of a person I don’t know.

To be continued!



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