Once upon a time … my hair!

For this first post, I decided to talk to you about what occupies most of my time about cares at the moment: my hair!

Let’s start from the beginning:
My natural hair is (according to my memories) dark brown ash, like this:

Source : https://fr.pinterest.com/pin/424253227373916372/
Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/pin/424253227373916372/

No, unfortunately, this magnificent creature it’s not me …

Ten years ago I had long hair (to the lower back) and started the capillary maltreatment with black hair strands. Two years later I made the coloring completely black (slightly gothic passage). I can assure you that to recover a 70% virgin mane I had to be patient and put my dignity aside with my “sublime roots”. Once I retrieved up something quite acceptable, about two years later, I dyed my hair in brown. Let’s say that the rest of the black (about 4 inches) was less shocking. Once the brown began to falter, towards the end of 2008, I made dark blonde honey. In June 2009 it’s the big madness: haircut at the shoulders + platinum blonde discoloration! Yeah yeah I don’t always do things halfway. As much to say that I regretted rather quickly because I did not understand why my hair turned yellow as the weeks passed. So in early 2010 (yes I survived until then again with terrible regrowths) I again made a coloration but this time I opted for a hair color that was as close as possible to my natural color. Then … no longer nothing, the nothingness!

It’s at the end of 2011 that come back my madness to want to change my head and I again made a brown tincture that I didn’t finally renew.


End 2012 new dye on my hair that had practically become natural again and this time I opted for a golden brown.

End of 2012
End of 2012

2013 NADA !!!

But early 2014 would mark the great return of torture with a big T for my poor hair and this until mid-2016. In order without going into details here is what they had to endure:

  • March 2014: coloring “black cherry” every month until September
April 2014
September 2014









  • November 2014: 2 discolorations in one shot + several colorations in a row to restore a “natural color”
  • December 2014: after 8 years of chemical torture and 2 pregnancies, I reached the point of no return … so, haircut like Victoria Beckham.
Source : Google Image
Source: Google Image

Did I cry? Not, because I wanted to change my head once again and recover my natural hair.

Source : Google Image
Source: Google Image

I even wanted to do Emma Watson’s short cut of but my darling was a bit reluctant. I kept this cup until June 2015 and then I let it grow again.

  • At the end of 2015, I again made a black cherry coloration.
  • January 2016 I made a plum color renewed every month until May.
  • May 2016: 2 discolorations in a row + 3 colorations in a row too. I had discovered why my platinum blond had turned yellow a few years ago and I knew how to avoid it.

So I wanted to test … Of course, I again massacred my poor hair, it was straw.

Me in May 2016

Too bad, I had recovered a good length. In addition to coloring on coloring I “took care” of my hair with lots of chemical shampoos and masks. So I wanted to stop everything, go to natural products, simple and organic. Obviously, I had to cut again but I did not want to go to the hairdresser because where I lived impossible to find one that uses organic products… Therefore I took my pair of scissors, my courage, a video found on Youtube and I cut. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the result but it was well, it wasn’t too horrible. Then I began my natural care and always wanted to change my head to the sandstone of my desires I discovered henna.

5 months later after the cut
2016: 5 months later after the cut

Today where I am? I have not cut my hair since June 2016 but I will have to think about it because they grow irregularly (short on the front, long behind). Good news! I moved and found a hairdresser who uses organic products so I will definitely test in March. On the health side, my hair is at the top of their form although from February 1st I started an intensive treatment of masks of green clay and coconut milk to try to remove a maximum of red henna to get a color less conspicuous. The green clay dries out but the effect is countered by the moisturizing and nourishing coconut milk which in addition accelerates hair growth !!!

I’m going to show you the result very soon!


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