Hello girls !

Well, first let me greet you, huh! We’re not beasts either! Let’s admit it, it’s much more nice to feel welcome!


On this website I will talk a lot about natural things, it’s a little bit its name you would tell me… Make a site on the importance of chemical agents in our daily life and to call it “Naturally Girls” it would have been somewhat “dared”… to stay polite.

Then as I was about to write it to you, I will speak here:

  • natural beauty (body, facial and hair care and other): that’s to say to take care of oneself only with organic and natural products but also simple products. The simplicity of the composition of your care is the secret of the result you want to achieve. Who says simple, said economic and especially ecological! Isn’t she beautiful life ?! So I will share with you my experiences, my tests, and home recipes.
  • cooking healthier: No, I stop you right away. I’m not there to make you morality because I would be misplaced for that. I’m extremely gourmand and I still crack quite often.
    And then we have to make ourself happy in life! In fact, I’m going to give you advice, then you can do what you want with it. I’m not there to impose my point of view. So it’s with pleasure that I will publish some recipes and culinary tricks.
  • wellness (body detoxification, fitness, and sport) and health always in the natural of course!
  • fashion … sometimes: I like fashion but I don’t follow it necessarily. In fact, I have my own fashion. I don’t have a particular style, I dress according to my desires so I would make you discover my tastes of the moment.
  • and other things: after all, I’m here to share with you so I think that sometimes I will talk to you about things and others without they really being related to the theme of the site (ex: my thought or my mood of the Day and about music, books, photography etc …)

So much for this “small presentation” of the site!

Don’t hesitate to follow me on facebook, twitter, Instagram !!! I tell you very quickly for the first real article!


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